At Frozen Fresh we make a range of premium frozen and chilled convenience meals
that we are proud to serve to you and your families.





Our Story

Frozen Fresh is a NZ owned and operated, specialty foods manufacturer based in the sunny Bay of Plenty. It is owned by a group of Kiwi families who genuinely want to change the face of convenience meals in New Zealand. We cooked up the idea of providing good quality meals for busy people.

Our company has it roots in providing meals via a home delivery business, so we have and always will, keep our customers at the forefront of any decision we make.

Our meals are all made with high quality, locally sourced ingredients. Everything is real and we go to great lengths to keep it that way.


How we do things

We source 100% meat cuts grown right here in New Zealand. We refuse to use, processed, pumped meat in our kitchen.

We use real butter and we grate our own cheese. We don’t source any of our dairy products in powder form.

Our potatoes actually arrive onsite looking like a potato. We don’t pour them out of a bag or rehydrate them with water. We actually mash them.

Its not ground breaking, rocket science – it’s just good honest home style cooking using only those ingredients you’d find in your own kitchen.

All the wonderful people that craft our food will tell you creating our meals is no easy feat.   It takes arms of steel to pipe potato onto a thousand cottage pies and finger breaking finesse to remove bones from 100 kilo’s of smoked fish – not easy.   We love them for it and they do a fantastic job – thanks guys.


What we all do

Mike leads the business and runs the production side of things. He has a degree in Food Technology and is a master at merging science with the craft of premium food production.

Lynley leads the sales & marketing team and generally spends most of her time convincing customers that good quality, premium convenience food is never a compromise.

Anna has the very important job of managing the numbers side of things. John, Ken and Rebecca provide logistical support and entrepreneurial strategy respectively and roll up their sleeves to do numerous food tastings and marketing events.


We stand by the food we create and live by a very simple promise:

“If we wouldn’t eat it ourselves or serve it up to our families then we won’t put it on the shelf for you.”

So give yourself a night off and enjoy the food we offer.


Kind Regards

Mike, Anna, Lynley, Ken, John & Rebecca